Environmental Awareness & Protection Programs

GFF has several initiatives that aim to protect the environment by using our resources efficiently, as well as by investing and promoting environmentally sound practices, infrastructure and projects.

  • At every Ficohsa facility we provided recycling bins to separate waste, helping to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2015, we recycled 372% more paper than in 2014, resulting in 5.51 tons of recycled paper. By 2016, we had recycled 77.5 tons of paper.
  • In 2015, we implemented campaigns and actions jointly with our providers, communities, employees and their families to create awareness about environmental care and the responsible consumption of water, energy and paper, including:
    o Reforestation efforts: As of 2016, we had planted 14,500 trees, or 35% more than what has been consumed by GFF in paper goods.
    o In 2015, GFF and Larach y Cia. donated $12,800 to La Tigra National Park.
    o We have replaced our office equipment with more eco-efficient models to reduce energy consumption.
  • Since 2008, we have run the “Honduras, Recursos para mi Tierra” initiative, which facilitates the access to financing, training, and marketing for small farmers. The “Honduras: Resources for my Land” project is a joint venture between Supermercados La Colonia, the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FUNDER) and GFF. Since the start of the program, we have granted almost 1,500 loans and invested some $4.3 million to the benefit of around 5,000 people in eight Honduran states.
  • We support the development of renewable energies by financing hydro, biomass, wind, and solar power projects. As of 2015, we had invested more than $20 million in such projects in Honduras.

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