Core services and Products (Overview)

Banco Ficohsa
  • Personal Banking: We provide a broad range of financial products and personalized solutions to meet all of your banking needs. At Ficohsa we are committed to offering our clients services that make managing their personal finances simple and stress-free.
  • Commercial and Business Banking: We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your business thrive. Our dedicated team will work to understand your business and offer you the most comprehensive solutions, specially customized to achieve your business goals.
  • Private Banking: Our private clients benefit from working closely with our team to receive our finest banking solutions. At Ficohsa, we pride ourselves in providing personalized attention, measuring our success by how well we’ve met your needs. We are committed to helping you meet the objectives most significant to you and your family.
  • SME Banking: Whether you need to finance your short-term costs, grow your small business, or insure against risk, our SME Banking solutions are precisely what you’re looking for. Our plans and services are designed with you in mind, allowing us to offer the most flexible and diverse solutions.
  • Mortgages: To offer the best options to finance your home, Ficohsa has created mortgage plans in dollars and lempiras that offer multiple benefits.
  • Credit Cards: We offer an extensive and varied range of credit cards with a diversity of benefits, allowing our clients to select the one that best fits their needs.


Ficohsa Seguros
  • Personal Insurance: We offer a diverse range of insurance plans so that you’re prepared for any circumstance that could come your way. From health and hospital costs to life and accident insurance, Ficohsa Seguros has you covered.
  • Auto Insurance: Our car insurance plans come with ample coverage and benefits, all at no additional cost. This insurance covers you in case of accident, theft and other unforeseen circumstances that put you at risk.
  • Homeowners Insurance: We offer the widest coverage to protect your house and belongings in case of natural disaster and other risks. Our plans are easily adjustable to best serve our clients.


Ficohsa Pensiones
  • Retirement Plans: It’s extremely important to plan for retirement, and with Ficohsa Pensiones you can be sure that you and your loved ones are prepared.


Ficohsa Casa de Bolsa
  • Brokerage: Ficohsa Casa de Bolsa provides advising and brokerage services to help you purchase securities in the primary and secondary markets. We make sure that our clients feel secure and satisfied, while also contributing to the development of the national stock market and local economy.


Ficohsa Casa de Cambio
  • Currency Exchange: At Ficohsa Casa de Cambio, our clients can buy U.S. dollars in cash or check, or directly deposit them into their debit accounts. We also sell other foreign currencies up to US$10,000, depending on the availability of the currency on any given day.


Ficohsa Remesas
  • Remittances: Receive remittances from your family at one of our more than 150 branches and service windows, or over the phone.

Ficohsa Credit Card

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