Education as our core CSR focus

Ficohsa also supports several other education initiatives:

  • HonduFuturo is a financing-scholarship program that helps cover graduate school tuition in foreign universities for young people selected through an expert jury panel. As of the end of 2016, Ficohsa had contributed $1.5 million to HonduFuturo.
  • UNITEC Partnership (began in 2007) is a four-pronged program that includes:
    o Academic Travel Program, which provides financial assistance to students who want to go abroad to complete their studies.
    o Student Debit/ID cards for undergraduate and post-graduate students, offering tailored products and services with the aim of increasing the financial inclusion of youth in Honduras.
    o Provide students the opportunity to conduct research and other initiatives in Ficohsa Foundation’s preschool centers.
    o Ficohsa sponsors UNITEC’s entrepreneurial program, which provides a financial award to five Honduran entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 29 whose companies have had a positive social impact in their communities.
  • INCAE scholarships: Ficohsa supports INCAE scholarships for exemplary post-graduate students who need financial assistance. In 2015, Ficohsa contributed $250,000 to this initiative.
  • Internship programs: In 2016, 102 college students interned at one of GFF’s companies, and 259 high school students did practical training.
  • Juan Atala Scholarship Fund: Since 2006, more than $628,000 has been donated in scholarships to Honduran youth for undergraduate or graduate college tuition.

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