In 2000, Educating Our Future (Educando Nuestro Futuro), a flagship project of the Ficohsa Foundation, was launched in Tegucigalpa. It supports the preschool education of children between the ages of three and six who live in the most disadvantaged areas of Honduras. Through the construction, rehabilitation, and integral and sustainable support of preschool centers, we seek to provide good education to children across Honduras.

The commitment of parents, teachers and other community members has been essential for the successful development and sustainability of this project.

The project follows a participatory model composed of private companies, the community and the state, through which the following can be provided:

  • Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of preschool centers
  • Supply of furniture, textbooks and school supplies
  • Daily supply of snacks
  • Training of teachers and volunteers
  • Computer equipment
  • Provision of medical first-aid kits
  • Protection of the environment through the planting of trees
  • Periodic supervision of the centers



"Preschool Centers of Excellence" is an initiative that has been carried out since 2011 in preschools sponsored by the Ficohsa Foundation. The project aims to boost the quality of education, significantly improve children’s academic performance, and kick start a new stage that marks a difference in preschool education in Honduras.

Additional benefits:

  • Creation of model infrastructure.
  • Children’s technology centers.
  • Recreational games.
  • Integration of the Standing Committee on Educational Management (SCEM).
  • Promotion of an essential link between first grade and the pre-basic level for the correct development of the educational process.
  • Maximize the use of classrooms at alternate times for the development of extra-curricular activities.
  • Environmental awareness activities (recycling).



The “Give to Educate” project was launched in 2007 with the goal of including the general public in a national vision of combating high poverty rates by supporting the preschool education of children between the ages of three and six who have few economic resources and live in the less fortunate areas of Honduras.

Through the project, known in Spanish as "Dar para Educar," customers of Supermercados La Colonia contribute voluntarily, donating the cents left over after payment at the cash register. These funds are used by the Foundation to build preschool centers.

Thanks to this alliance, more than 7,400 children from 18 preschool centers have benefited nationwide, and 10 of these centers have become Centers of Excellence.

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