About the Foundation

Ficohsa has made education its core CSR area because we believe education is the main catalyst for development.

The Ficohsa Foundation for Children’s Education, which is known in Spanish as Fundación Ficohsa, is a non-profit organization that has been supporting preschool education and care in Honduras since its founding in 1998. More than 100,000 children in 19 Honduran cities have benefited from Ficohsa Foundation’s initiatives, which have included the construction of 140 preschool education centers, the training of 274 teachers, the delivery of more than 12 million meals to date, and the creation of 29 technology centers equipped with more than 500 computers.

Thanks to the Ficohsa Foundation’s efforts, the elementary school dropout rate in Honduras has dropped by 89%. School attendance has reached an average of 99%, and school retention has increased to 98%.


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